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Extrusion Profiles Heat Sink - Winshare Thermal

Type: Heat sink 
Brand Name: Extrusion Profiles Heat Sink
Size: 250W*120L*85, Fin 1.5mm, Space 4mm
Model Number: WS-EHS002
Place of Origin: China
Packing: The carton packaging or According to the customer's needs
Supply Ability: 10000/Month
Application: ETC cooling, LED Cooling, Electronic heating element
Payment: T/T
Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks
Quality Guarantee: ISO9000:2016

Extruded heat sinks are generally high-power heat dissipation components 

and heat dissipation systems. Based on the existing mature aluminum extruded profile

 heat sink technology, Winshare Thermal can provide reliable solutions to the natural

 convection environment. The aluminum extrusion molding is realized by the tooling, 

and the complex heat dissipation gear structure can be realized. These complex 

heat-dissipating teeth fins greatly increase the heat-dissipating surface area, and 

at the same time reduce the cost and time of aluminum block processing.



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