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Cold Forged Heat Sink for 100W LED Lighting

Cold forged aluminum heat sink for 100W LED lighting from Winshare thermal
Material: Aluminum 1060 or Copper 
Size: D110mm*H90mm
Fins: More than 100
Process: Cold forged and CNC maching
Finishing: Compound acid salt surface treatment
The tolerance: 0.1
Thermal interface flatness: 0.05
Design:Customized processing,Standard available
Packing: According to the customer's needs
Application: LED Lighting,Electronic heating element

Cold forging is a technique for material forming at a temperature that is lower than the material's recrystallization temperature (typically means room temperature). Typically used cold forging materials include aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys which have a smaller resistance to deformation under room temperature and have higher plasticity. During the forming process, cold forging allows work hardening (strain hardening) so that both the strength and hardness are enhanced.

Cold forging technique has been widely used by heat sink manufacturers in the production of light source heat sinks and LED heat sinks. Winshare Thermal is one of the few companies who used cold forging to produce heat sinks in early days and we have accumulated abundant experience of cold forging techniques. In addition to the production of heat sinks for typical light sources, Winshare Thermal has gained experiences in the manufacturing techniques for high power cold forged heat sinks. We have resolved the problems such as the low thermal conductivity of die-casting micro-channels and higher costs for machining micro-channels. We have already applied our expertise to cooling solutions including high-voltage inverters, wind power converters, and electric motor controllers.


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