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Hi-Contact Liquid Cold Plates

2 Pass tube liquid cold plate:
Plate Details Extruded Aluminum
•Tube Material Copper 9.5mm O.D x1.24mm wall
• Aluminum Plate and Copper Tube Filled with Epoxy
• Measurement 57.15x57.15x15.24mm

Our company Hi-Contact technology optimizes  the contact area liquid tubes have with a  cooling surface to provide the best possible  liquid cold plate thermal performance. Our  patented geometry used in these designs  ensures the most tube-to-plate and tube-to device contact possible to minimize interface  resistance between all contact surfaces. To  further increase performance, a thermal epoxy  is applied to the tube/plate joint to provide a  gap-free thermal interface between the tube  and cold plate

Liquid cold plate uses a pump to circulate the coolant in the heat pipe and dissipate heat. The heat absorption part on the radiator (called the heat absorption box in the liquid cooling system) is used to dissipate heat from the computer CPU, North Bridge, graphics card, lithium battery, 5G communication equipment, UPS and energy storage system, and large photovoltaic inverter , SVG/SVC absorbs heat on heat dissipation. The heat absorbed by the heat absorption part is discharged to the outside through the radiator designed on the back of the pyrogen.





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