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Liquid Cold Plate

Liquid cold plate is through the structure of compact and relatively thin plate-like, strip metal internal layout of the fluid channel, so that the fluid and cold plate between the convection heat transfer, thereby dissipating the surface of the cold plate high power electronic components of the thermal power consumption. The water cooling plate is made of copper or aluminum with high thermal conductivity. The water circulation system is embedded into the liquid cooling plate, and the electronic components are fixed directly on the water cooling plate. Compared with the air cooled system, the heat capacity of water is four times that of air, so the water cooled system has a good thermal load capacity, and at the same temperature rise and mass flow rate, the heat absorbed by water is four times that of air.

Winshare Thermal is one of the leading liquid cold plate manufacturers in china, our thermal design and thermal management engineers have rich experience in water cooling system research and development and water cooling plate process production, and can provide a full range of liquid cooling solutions, and provide you with liquid cold plate/water cooling plate thermal design and structural design for free. Water cold plate cooling system assembly design and one-stop supporting service for waterway connection.

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