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We have an outstanding thermal design team with design talents who worked for top three thermal companies worldwide. Each of our team members has abundant experience working with top 500 customers worldwide. We have a well-established database for simulation analysis and the big data that we accumulated for thermal performance can be used to fine tune any design so as to avoid any deviation between the simulation result and real performance. We can provide supports including thermal simulation, mechanical performance analysis (i.e., structural mechanics, stress, fatigue, shock), rotational fluid, multiphase flow, instantaneous-state and steady-state analyses.  We are capable of carrying out customized designs and realizing thermal designs within extremely small/extremely large/specific spaces and specific operating environment.

About Winshare Thermal

Guangdong Winshare Thermal Technology Co,Ltd. Founded in 2009 focused on high-power cooling solutions for the development, production and technical services, committed to becoming a new energy field thermal management leader for the mission. In order to better serve customers, to provide more high-quality, reliable thermal management programs and products. The company continues to expand its R & D team and invest in building a heat transfer lab. At the same time with the South China University of Technology to establish Winshare Thermal graduate workstations for the Winshare Thermal heat training R & D reserve personnel, the development of new heat conduction technology and technology to lay the foundation.Winshare Thermal has the key components of thermal management of self-made capacity and new technology development capabilities for the majority of partners to achieve more perfect products to provide thermal management support.Winshare Thermal through the ISO9001: 2008; ISO14001: 2004; TS16949 and other quality management system certification, set up seven years to successively ICT, photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter, reactive power compensation device, power battery,power motor, motor control Equipment, energy storage systems and other fields to provide excellent solutions and ......


Winshare Thermal always pays attention to team construction. After an adjustment period for years, we successfully built a team which is highly cooperative with a clear-cut assignment of responsibility. We form a highly efficient team from administrative management, sales exploration, financial department, research and development, and production. Each of our key members has abundant implementation experiences in his/her own territory and is highly professional and they are all the elites in the cooling industry. An outstanding team is the guarantee ofthe development of a company. Winshare Thermal can therefore acquirethe trust and endorsement from well-known companies which have cooling needs and these companies include Delta Electronics, Sungrow Power Supply, Shanghai Step Electric, BYD Company Limited, Hiconics Drive Technology, Nanjing Nanrui Jibao Electric Limited, etc. Our team keeps growing and is filling more power into the development of Winshare Thermal with an expectation to contribute to the development of high power cooling.

Why You Can Trust Winshare

Winshare Thermal provides air-cooled and liquid-cooled thermal management solutions for heat sources including BGAs, CPUs, LEDs, IGBTs, power amplifier modules, power batteries, and electric 
motors.We offer products in the form of modules, modular thermal structure, machine-level cooling system, cabinet-style multi-modules, multi-module concentrated cooling systems, container 
multi-cabinet large cooling systems, etc.
Anticipate customer needs and meet them with the highest quality products and services in a timely and cost effective manner
Support product development cycles with dedicated and engineering resources and distribution partners that deliver on time
Deliver innovative, quality products to market cost effectively using  a broad portfolio of manufacturing processes and capabilities
Guide our customers through thermal design issues at all stages of product development from concept to production with solutions that provide competitive advantage
Integrate seamlessly into customers supply chain and leveraging our great designing support to supply product quickly
Pursue an approach to quality and reliability that is reinforced by a system promoting continuous improvement as part of our core culture, ISO9001:2018 certified
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