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Friction Stir Welded Heat Sink

Friction stir welded heat sink refers to the use of heat generated by the friction between the high-speed rotating welding tool and the workpiece to locally plasticize the material to be welded. When the welding tool moves forward along the welding interface, the rotational friction force of the plasticized material on the welding tool Under the action, it flows from the front of the welding tool to the rear and forms a dense solid phase weld under the extrusion of the welding tool. The friction welding process realizes non-medium heat melting and splices two or more profiles to meet the needs of different shapes. 

The heat dissipation performance of friction stir welding heat sink is nearly 100% close to the original performance of the profile, so it is widely used in the production of high-power heat sinks. Winshare Thermal is an advanced high power heat sink manufacturer in China and one of the first manufacturers to apply friction welding to custom heat sink production. It is very mature in the application of friction welding technology and has a large number of technicians with related technologies. The types of heat sink products are friction welding + profile, friction welding + shovel teeth, friction welding + water cooling plate, etc., compatible with other heat sink production processes.