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Custom CPU Heat Sink
Design Tips
We offer thermal simulation, thermal design,verification and tests for free.

Design Tips

  • [Design Tips] Design for CNC Machining Parts
    CNC machines are a marvelous technology that offer a range of possibilities for accurate parts, but your end-product is only as good as the design you set out with. There are some major considerations one has to make when developing any machined part, taking into account its full geometry.As of yet, Read More
  • [Design Tips] Liquid Cold Plates Designing
    When designing the water cooling plate, we usually calculate the size of the heat dissipation, understand the power parameters of the customer, the flow rate of the fluid, and the application field of the product, so that it is convenient for us to find the right coolant.Of course, these are the pre Read More
  • [Design Tips] Heat Sinks For Solar Concentrating System
    Solar concentrating system is a system that collects the solar radiation energy with low heat flux by using geometric optical characteristics to form a high heat flux concentrating system.Solar thermal power generation is regarded as a green energy utilization technology with stable power generation Read More
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