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  • What Are The Types of Capillary Structures of Heat Pipes?


    What are the types of capillary structures of heat pipes?Heat pipe is a heat conduction element that relies on the working liquid phase change of its own internal filling to achieve heat transfer, and has the following basic characteristics:1. High thermal conductivity;2. Excellent temperature equal Read More
  • Thermal gel and its application


    Thermal gel and its applicationWith the continuous upgrading of electronic equipment, the performance requirements for all aspects of equipment are getting higher and higher. However, high-performance devices generate more heat during operation, so how to control the temperature to ensure that elect Read More
  • Liquid cooled plate aluminum alloy brazing process


    There are two main materials for liquid cooling plates: copper and aluminum. Because copper is expensive, the weight is much larger than the same volume of aluminum, so in many places the preferred material is aluminum, and copper is the last choice.Aluminum alloy liquid cooled plates also come in v Read More
  • Four technical indicators of energy storage liquid cold plate


    Four technical indicators of energy storage liquid cold plateCold plate liquid cooling uses a cold plate component in contact with the battery component. The heat generated by battery charging and discharging is exported through the cooling medium in the cold plate component, and then transferred th Read More
  • Four Cooling Technologies for Battery Thermal Management Systems


    Four cooling technologies for battery thermal management systemsAs an indispensable product in our lives, lithium-ion batteries are found in everything from mobile phones to computers to electric vehicles. Compared with the chips that generate the most heat in electronic products, the heating compon Read More
  • New energy vehicle power battery cooling technology review


    In order to further solve the energy crisis, China vigorously advocates the development of new energy, among which the new energy vehicles driven by electricity are the key areas for China to enter the new energy applications on a large scale. New energy vehicles refer to the use of non-fossil energ Read More
  • Analysis on heat sink


    Heat sink basics Heat sinks are one of the most fundamental components in cooling electronic equipment. For any heat source that cannot be properly cooled by its own conductive cooling and requires more efficient cooling than a heat sink, a heat sink is required to move the heat away from the heat s Read More
  • Heat sink design optimization for forced convection


    Optimal design of heat sinks, especially for devices with high thermal loads such as MOSFETs and IGBTs, is critical to the efficient operation of these devices and to avoid premature component failure. This requires a combination of fans and heat sinks to provide adequate cooling for high-power devi Read More
  • The importance of heat radiation in radiator design


    The importance of heat radiation in radiator designThe role of thermal radiation in radiator design is often overlooked. There are many references to the percentage of heat lost by a radiator. As with most phenomena in physics and engineering, the effects of radiation cannot be summarized by a const Read More
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