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Copper Tube Plate

Winshare Thermal's thermal design and thermal management engineers have rich experience in water-cooling system research and development and water-cooling plate process production. They can provide a full range of liquid-cooled heat dissipation solutions, and provide you with liquid-cooled/water-cooled plate thermal design, structural design, and water channels for free Connected water cooling system assembly design and one-stop supporting services.

At present, the widely used aluminum embedded copper heat sink, including the aluminum heat sink body, is embedded in the aluminum heat sink body with at least one copper tube, in the copper tube and aluminum heat sink body with thermally conductive adhesive, usually epoxy resin or solder paste. This aluminum embedded copper heat sink embedded the aluminum heat sink body with a copper tube as a heat sink pipe, using the chemical properties of copper than stable aluminum characteristics to effectively reduce corrosion, while the thermal conductivity of copper than aluminum, and copper tubes and heat generating devices in direct contact, but also to further increase the heat dissipation of the device.

Compared to traditional heat sinks, aluminum embedded copper tube heat sinks change the design thinking of traditional heat sinks and get rid of the mode of relying on fans to obtain heat dissipation effect. By embedding copper tubes and using liquid as a coolant to dissipate heat through the runners, a more efficient and compact cooling system is formed, while design flexibility can be maintained and costs reduced to avoid damage to high-power electronic devices due to high-temperature overheating.

Copper tube plate heat source simulation