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Thermal Cooling Plate

Type: thermal cooling plate
Brand Name: Copper tube liquid cold plate with epoxy bonding process
Model Number: WS-LCP-FSW0004A
Size: 400*450*30mm , D12.5 and 3000mm length
Place of Origin: China
Packing: The carton packaging or According to the customer's needs
Supply Ability: 10000/Month
Application: Cooling system ,Electronic heating element,Laser cooling
Payment: T/T
Delivery Time: 2-3Weeks
Quality Guarantee: ISO9001:2018
1. Copper tube ,D9/10.5/12.5mm can be used.
2. Used the epoxy bonding to contact the tube.
3. The use of copper pipes can prevent corrosion of the runner.
4. Copper tube with different lengths and diameters can be customized according to customer requirements.

Liquid cold plate uses a pump to circulate the coolant in the heat pipe and dissipate heat. The heat absorption part on the radiator (called the heat absorption box in the liquid cooling system) is used to dissipate heat from the computer CPU, North Bridge, graphics card, lithium battery, 5G communication equipment, UPS and energy storage system, and large photovoltaic inverter, SVG/SVC absorbs heat on heat dissipation. The heat absorbed by the heat absorption part is discharged to the outside through the radiator designed on the back of the pyrogen.

In the fields of power electronic control, conversion, drive, signal transmission, and new energy fields (new energy vehicle power battery heat dissipation, UPS and energy storage system heat dissipation, large server heat dissipation, large photovoltaic inverter heat dissipation, SVG/SVC heat dissipation, etc.), In order to pursue high-efficiency, low-noise and low-temperature operation, and when space is limited, heat dissipation becomes the biggest limit to the idealization of product development, and liquid cooling technology has become the preferred thermal management method.

Winshare's thermal design and thermal management engineers have rich experience in water cooling system research and development and water thermal cooling plate process production, and can provide a full range of liquid cooling solutions, and provide you with liquid cooling plate/water cooling plate thermal design, structural design, and water channels for free Connected water cooling system assembly design and one-stop supporting services.


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