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Liquid cooling technology

Liquid cooling technology is a heat dissipation technology that uses the flow of liquid to quickly take away heat. Liquid cooling application refers to the use of liquid cooling plates (also called water cooling plates, liquid cooling radiators) installed at the heat source, together with heat exchangers and heat exchange pumps, to dissipate heat in a liquid circulating flow. In general, liquid cooling technology is used in environments where forced convection or phase change systems cannot achieve heat dissipation effects with extremely high thermal energy density.
Winshare Thermal continues to increase the research and development of liquid cooling technology, especially the continuous innovation in the production process of water cooling products. It has obtained multiple technical patents in the automatic bending of copper pipes, extrusion dies, pressure pipes, adhesion welding and other technical processes. This makes the welding of the water-cooled plate more stable, greatly reduces the water leakage of the water-cooled plate, and improves the reliability of the heat dissipation of the water-cooled plate; technical treatment is performed on the surface of the liquid-cooled plate to achieve better contact with the heat source and improve the heat dissipation efficiency.