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Industries And Applications

Winshare Thermal always pays attention to team construction. After an adjustment period for years, we successfully built a team which is highly cooperative with a clear-cut assignment of responsibility. We form a highly efficient team from administrative management, sales exploration, financial department, research and development, and production. Each of our key members has abundant implementation experiences in his/her own territory and is highly professional and they are all the elites in the cooling industry. An outstanding team is the guarantee ofthe development of a company. Winshare Thermal can therefore acquirethe trust and endorsement from well-known companies which have cooling needs and these companies include Delta Electronics, Sungrow Power Supply, Shanghai Step Electric, BYD Company Limited, Hiconics Drive Technology, Nanjing Nanrui Jibao Electric Limited, etc. Our team keeps growing and is filling more power into the development of Winshare Thermal with an expectation to contribute to the development of high power cooling.