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Brazing Plate

Vacuum brazing is to use a solder with a melting point lower than the melting point of the parent material in a vacuum state. At a temperature lower than the melting point of the parent metal but higher than the melting point of the solder, the liquid solder is used to wet, spread and fill the surface of the parent metal. Seam is a welding method for connecting parts. Vacuum brazed cold plates use this principle to realize the connection of aluminum base plate, composite brazing material plate and aluminum cover plate.

Advantages of vacuum brazed cold plates:

● High process threshold (face welding).

● The design structure is flexible and adapts to complex runners.

● Good heat dissipation performance, double-sided heat source can be installed for high power density environment.

● High reliability, no risk of leakage.

● Vacuum welding, environmental protection and pollution-free.

● Not easy to deform.