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forced air cooling system
Forced air cooling
Forced air cooling is to enhance the air movement so as to realize the cooling approach that is required by the heat sources. There are two approaches to quickly realize better cooling performance and these include increasing the cooling surface area of the heat sources and increasing the air velocity when it flows through an object. 

Forced air cooling

Forced air cooling is a heat dissipation method that uses increasing air flow as a medium to realize the cooling of heat source parts. By increasing the heat dissipation surface area of ​​the heat source component and accelerating the rate of air flowing through the object per unit time, two methods can quickly achieve good heat dissipation performance. Increasing the heat dissipation area can be achieved by installing a heat sink on the surface of the heat source element. Generally, the heat sink is tightly fixed on the heat source element to obtain higher heat dissipation efficiency. Fans (fans) can be used to increase air flow to enhance ventilation and enhance cooling effects. In most cases, the fan plus the heat sink can greatly improve the cooling efficiency.

Forced air cooling system is often used for cooling and heat dissipation of internal combustion engines. We can see that the exterior of internal combustion engines on cars or motorcycles is not only designed as a toothed plate, but also equipped with a forced air-cooled exhaust port shield. , The design of the toothed sheet is to increase the heat dissipation area, and the fan in the exhaust hood is used to strengthen the air flow on the surface of the internal combustion engine, so that the engine can quickly cool down and ensure normal operation.

Winshare Thermal has strengthened its research and development on the application of forced air cooling in recent years, and realized forced air cooling for heat dissipation of high-power machines such as wind energy converters, photovoltaic inverters, and SVG. The use of high-power shovel-tooth radiator + fan or high-power shovel-tooth radiator + heat pipe can greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

Winshare Thermal offers a variety of air-cooled heat dissipation structure types to choose from

  Air cooling + profile radiator
  Air cooling + friction welding radiator
  Air cooling + insert radiator
​​​​​​​  Air cooling + shovel radiator
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Air cooling + heat pipe radiator

Photovoltaic inverter forced air cooling solution

Design input and specification requirements:

Loss term Single loss(W) Number of devices Total loss(W) model Ambient temperature(℃) Heat dissipation design temperature (℃)
IGBT module 426W 1 426W FS150R12KT3 60 100
total     426W  

Schematic diagram of photovoltaic inverter simulation model and heat dissipation design parameters:

3pcs 6025 fan, the distance from the front panel is 5mm, the corresponding opening rate of the panel is 65%, the aluminum heat sink is adopted, the heat conduction medium: 7762 grease 0.1mm, K=4W/m*K.
Fan instructions and parameters:
(The simulation results show that the original design heat sink + C6025 fan IGBT has a guest temperature of 151°C, the solution matches the NMB6025 fan, and the IGBT guest temperature is 145°C. The two fans have the same speed, noise, voltage, and lifespan, so the NMB fan is the first choice.)

Schematic diagram and data summary of the simulation results of the air-cooled heat dissipation scheme of the photovoltaic inverter:

Data summary:
(1) The plan adopts all-aluminum shovel heat sink + NMB6025ML 7800RPM fan, the shape of the heat sink remains unchanged, the thickness of the bottom plate is unchanged, the thickness of the spur is 0.8mm, a total of 73fins, the spacing: 2.3mm, the shovel aluminum heat sink.
(2) Special attention: there is no gap between the adjustment fan and the front panel to prevent the air from returning. (If there is a 5mm gap according to the original design, the air will flow back and the temperature will increase by 6°C.)
(3) Simulation result: The IGBT case temperature is 94.2℃, which meets the customer's requirement of 100℃.
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