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Skived Fin Heat Sink

Skived fin heat sink adopts SKIVING (precision cutting) technology, the shovel blade is thin and uniform, the heat dissipation efficiency is stable, and the effect is better. The strip of material is cut into slices at a certain angle through mechanical action and is straighter. Repeated cutting forms a uniform gap structure. It is used to solve the heat dissipation of high-power devices under air-cooled heat dissipation conditions, which can be improved compared to insert heat sinks. 8~15% heat dissipation efficiency.

In 2012, Winshare Thermal’s self-developed high-power shovel technology was successfully applied to Sungrow’s 500KW central inverter. It has been used in large-scale applications for many years. The cumulative installed capacity of the photovoltaic industry has exceeded 25GW.

With the large-scale application, Winshare Thermal Skived fin heat sink technology has become more mature, the process coverage has increased, the degree of automation has been gradually improved, and the cost and reliability advantages have been obvious. It has obtained communications, UPS, inverters, controllers, and wind power converters. , SVG and other domestic and foreign customers.

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