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natural convection heat sink
Natural cooling technology
Natural cooling is a type of cooling approach that is in common use. It utilizes the high thermal conductivity of materials (mostly extruded materials) to carry heat away and dissipate the heat to the ambient air.Even if there is no specific airflow speed requirement, it is still feasible to realize the cooling of a product

Natural cooling technology from Winshare Thrmal

Natural cooling is the most commonly used heat dissipation method. Natural cooling is a cooling method that uses the high thermal conductivity of the material (mainly refers to the profile) to take away heat and dissipate the heat into the air. That is, when there is no specific wind speed requirement, the natural convection heat sink is copper-aluminum heat sink, heat-dissipating aluminum extrusion, heat-dissipating machining or heat-dissipating alloy casting to realize the heat dissipation of the product.Winshare Thermal focuses on high-power heat dissipation. In recent years, it has made breakthroughs in the research and development of natural cooling technology. 
For example: independently developed high-density skiving gear technology to achieve ultra-thin gears, ultra-fine pitch, and ultra-high multiples of radiator The production of the structure can completely replace the heat dissipation technology of the insert, with the advantages of larger heat dissipation area, one-time forming, 100% profile thermal conductivity, and higher heat dissipation performance; in the process innovation of profile heat sink, the most advanced friction welding welding technology is adopted, To solve the technical bottleneck that profiles cannot meet the needs of ultra-wide body heat dissipation, and successfully achieve breakthroughs in greater heat dissipation power and greater heat dissipation structure; and so on.
Technological innovation is the cornerstone of Winshare Thermal’s rapid development. Through in-depth research on natural cooling technology, it has achieved higher heat dissipation efficiency, while using new technologies to provide customers with better optimized heat dissipation solutions, which has won praise from many industry customers. Winshare Thermal’s natural cooling radiators are widely used: uninterruptible power supply (UPS) heat dissipation, special power supply heat dissipation, medium and high voltage inverter heat dissipation, solar energy storage heat dissipation, power battery heat dissipation, rail transit motor heat dissipation, etc.
Temperature distribution diagram of heat sink in horizontal direction
Temperature distribution diagram at the center section of the model
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