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About Winshare Thermal

Guangdong Winshare Thermal Technology Co,Ltd. Founded in 2009 focused on high-power cooling solutions for the development, production and technical services, committed to becoming a new energy field thermal management leader for the mission. In order to better serve customers, to provide more high-quality, reliable thermal management programs and products. The company continues to expand its R & D team and invest in building a heat transfer lab. At the same time with the South China University of Technology to establish Winshare Thermal graduate workstations for the Winshare Thermal heat training R & D reserve personnel, the development of new heat conduction technology and technology to lay the foundation.Winshare Thermal has the key components of thermal management of self-made capacity and new technology development capabilities for the majority of partners to achieve more perfect products to provide thermal management support. Winshare Thermal through the ISO9001: 2008; ISO14001: 2004; TS16949 and other quality management system certification, set up seven years to successively ICT, photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter, reactive power compensation device, power battery, power motor, motor control Equipment, energy storage systems and other fields to provide excellent thermal management solutions and products. Fujitsu, Fujitsu, Sunshine Power, Sea Control, Guodian NARI, BYD, Ocean Electric, Jitai Ke and other partners recognized and supported.Many partners witnessed, to Winshare Thermal a chance to show the ability, is a proud decision! Please give yourself, but also to Winshare Thermal a chance, let us grow together, proud!