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We specialize in the research and development, production and technical services of high power cooling solutions. We are devoted to becoming the leader in the thermal management of new energy field. To provide our customers with better services and high-quality and reliable thermal management solutions and products
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The heat sink is made of lightweight, strong thermal conductivity and strong plasticity. Aluminum alloy is the most popular heat sink manufacturing material on the market. It has relatively lightweight, good heat dissipation performance, convenient processing, and low price. Copper is difficult to react with oxygen and water in the air at room temperature, so there is no need to perform complex post-processing on the copper radiator. Copper heat sink has fast heat dissipation, high thermal conductivity, thermal corrosion resistance and long service life.

Winshare Thermal is one of the leading custom heat sink manufacturers in China, offers custom heat sinks and liquid cold plates. Winshare Thermal focused on high-power cooling solutions for the development, production and technical services, committed to becoming a new energy field thermal management leader for the mission. And will be your trusted partner by the creative, good quality and best service.

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Tel: +86-18025912990
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