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Cold Forged Round Heat Sink


Cold forged heat sinks are ideal for casting complex shapes with excellent thermal conductivity. The cold forging process can achieve almost perfect straightness, with more heat sinks per square millimeter. The shape of cold forging heat sink includes plate-fin heat sink, round pin heat sink and oval fin heat sink. The manufacture of forged heat sinks is very suitable for the use of copper, because copper heat sinks can be formed without high temperature and can cause minimal damage. The manufacture of cold forged heat sinks can usually include secondary machining operations, such as holes, chamfering, and steps to reduce unnecessary waste.

Heat sink manufacturers have widely used cold forging technology in the production of light source heat sinks and LED heat sinks. Winshare is one of the few companies that used cold forging to produce heat sinks in the early days. We have accumulated rich experience in cold forging technology. In addition to producing heat sinks for typical light sources, Winshare has also gained experience in manufacturing high-power cold forged heat sinks. We have solved problems such as the low thermal conductivity of die-cast microchannels and the higher cost of processing microchannels. We have applied cold forging heat sinks to cooling solutions, including high-voltage inverters, wind power converters and motor controllers.


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