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Precision CNC machining
Precision CNC machining
Liquid cooling technology is a heat dissipation technology that uses the flow of liquid to quickly take away heat. 
Liquid cooling application refers to the use of liquid cooling plates (also called water cooling plates, 
liquid cooling radiators) installed at the heat source,

CNC Machining Parts from Winshare Thermal

Now many industries, such as medical, automotive, new energy, automation equipment, etc., it will use many metal parts or accessories, which require precision CNC machining. Winshare Thermal has strong processing capabilities in this regard. There are more than 100 very precise CNC machines, which can meet the needs of customers. At the same time, the materials that can be processed include aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel and other materials. Winshare Thermal can also do it according to customer needs. Different surface treatments meet the needs of customers for different colors and uses.
 The content that can be served: customized processing, a small quantity is acceptable, and it can help customers design.
 5 Axis CNC Machining 30 sets
 Advanced inspection measure by CMM, gauges, roughness tester, hardnesstester, etc.
Secondary surface operation: zinc/nickel/ chrome plated,Trivalent. Chromate/Alodize/Surtec, anodize, powder coating.
 Material: aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, steel, etc.
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