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Heat Pipe Thermal Module

The heat pipe is a heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity. The working principle of the heat pipe: The heat pipe is an artificial component with excellent heat transfer. The commonly used heat pipe consists of three parts: the main body is a closed metal pipe with a small amount of working medium and capillary structure inside, the air and other debris in the pipe Must be excluded.

Three physical principles are used when the heat pipe works:   

1. In the vacuum state, the boiling point of the liquid decreases.  

2. The latent heat of vaporization of the same substance is much higher than the sensible heat.  

3. The suction force of the porous capillary structure on the liquid can make the liquid flow.

Folded fin/Zipper fin + heat pipe heat sink: FIN sheet + heat pipe heat sink is to weld the FIN sheet and the heat pipe through solder paste, and use the heat transfer performance of the heat pipe to quickly transfer the heat. Its heat dissipation efficiency is high and the heat dissipation performance is stable. FIN can be used with copper, It is made of aluminum material, which can reduce product weight and production cost under different performance requirements, and is suitable for mass production.

Skived fin + heat pipe heat sink: The shovel teeth + heat pipe heat sink is a shovel fin and heat pipe welded by solder paste. This production process combines the heat absorption and heat transfer of the heat pipe and the heat dissipation performance of the shovel tooth is very stable. Combined together, the heat is quickly transferred from the heat source to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment; compared with the FIN chip + heat pipe heat sink, the cost of mold opening is reduced, and the production quantity is relatively small, which is relatively suitable for small batch and diversified production.

Copper aluminum combination + heat pipe heat sink: the pre-designed copper pipe is embedded and pressed into the aluminum plate with reserved groove, and epoxy resin is used to fill the gap to reduce the thermal resistance of the gap air, and then processed by CNC.