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Extruded Heat Sink

Aluminum extruded heat sink is a heat dissipation product obtained by cutting, slotting, drilling and tapping, CNC and other processing on the basis of aluminum profile. Aluminum extruded heat sinks generally use AL6063 material, which has good thermal conductivity (160~180W/㎡·K) and relatively low cost. It can be used as a chassis, not only as a chassis structure but also as a heat dissipation component, or as a motherboard chip. Heat dissipation, stable performance, high-cost performance, suitable for mass production.

Extruded heat sink features

Extruded heat sink has the advantages of being lightweight, beautiful, and durable, having a high heat dissipation rate, good plasticity, etc. It has been widely used in computers, electronic power, LED, and so on. In China, heat sinks are also becoming more and more popular to use exreuded aluminum, and mainly aluminum extrusion molding, because the extrusion molding billet size consistency is good, the production cycle is short, and the cost is also relatively low. Aluminum heat sink has a beautiful appearance, is lightweight, has good heat dissipation performance, good energy-saving effect, and other characteristics. The surface of the processed aluminum heat sink is treated with anodic oxidation to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and beauty of the appearance of the aluminum.

extruded heat sink

The extruded materials we usually use are aluminum and copper. Aluminum is widely used in the production of heat dissipation equipment because of its lightweight beauty, good thermal conductivity, and ease of processing into complex shapes. There are three main types of aluminum radiator extrudeds: flat and wide, comb or spike, round or oval, and dendritic.

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