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Brazed Fin Cold Plate Heat Sink for Battery Pack

At present, with the development of new energy vehicles, the higher the requirements for the heat sink system, especially the battery pack, when instantaneously charged, the current will generate a lot of heat, so it must be considered if the heat of the battery is dissipated to ensure the vehicle's Operational safety.

Brazed Fin Cold Plate Heat Sink

Brazing process Characteristics of CAB Flux

Mixture of potassium fluoroaluminates

KAlF4 (70–80%) / K2AlF5·H2O & K2AlF5 (20–30%)

Melting point range 565°C–572°C

below m.p. of filler metal (577°C)

Particle size distribution 

for wet application x50: 2–6µm

- good slurry characteristics

- for dry application x50: 3.5–25µm

- good fluidization and adhesion properties

Non hygroscopic

- flux does not attract and absorb moisture    

- indefinite shelf life

Non-corrosive to aluminum

Solubility of 0.15–0.45%

- no chemical reaction with water

- indefinite pot life


ixtured brazements preheated to 500°C, Dipped into molten salt at 600°C  NaCl, KCl, LiCl, NaF, LiF and others. Removed and drained of salt, Hot water quenched to shock dissolve the salt residue. Washed thoroughly to remove salt traces, Treated for corrosion protection.


Handles wide variety of parts and nonuniform shapes,Good for Al-Mg alloys e.g., 6061,

Fast heating,Very good temperature control.

Disadvantages:Quenching can cause distortion,Extensive post braze washing needed.

Waste water treatment,Requires anti–corrosion treatment, Flux cost.

Flux slurry cascaded onto partFlux loading of 150 to 300 g/m2 ,Heated in air furnace, Removed and quenched in hot water, Extensive post braze washing to dissolve flux residue, Major furnace corrosion. 

Alcoa dry (controlled) air process, –40°C dew point, Much lower flux loadingStill requires extensive post braze washing, Requires anti–corrosion treatment.


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