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Heat Sinks For Solar Concentrating System

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Skived fin heat sink for Solar concentrating system

Solar concentrating system is a system that collects the solar radiation energy with low heat flux by using geometric

optical characteristics to form a high heat flux concentrating system.Solar thermal power generation is regarded as

a green energy utilization technology with stable power generation, small impact on the power grid and large-scale 

power generation. It has a good development prospect. How to improve the efficiency of solar thermal power generation 

and reduce the cost of power generation is the focus of current research on solar thermal power generation. The optical 

structure, concentrating principle, concentrating characteristics of the solar thermal power generation concentrating system,

as well as the design method and manufacturing process of the concentrating system are emphatically described. The

disadvantages and advantages of different concentrating systems are pointed out.The classification of the concentrating 

system is introduced in detail, and the tracking photovoltaic concentrating system, tracing-free photovoltaic concentrating

system, parabolic trough concentrating system, dish concentrating system, tower concentrating system, linear Fresnel

concentrating system and ground receiving concentrating system are introduced in detail.


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