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Liquid Cooling: Innovative Cooling Technology For Electronic Devices

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The increasing power of electronic devices and the ever-increasing link between society and the continuous improvement of latency are driving further adoption of computing and intelligent device features in new and diverse applications. 

Liquid cooling systems are now prevalent in the most advanced performance industries as the most compact, sustainable, and efficient method of cooling high-density thermal loads to achieve sustained increases in power density. These systems take advantage of higher heat capacity of liquids, which absorb and transfer heat at a very high rate compared to air cooling or solid conduction. Liquid cooling systems transfer and dissipate extreme heat at high rates to achieve high computational performance and power density levels than traditional air cooling systems cannot address.

 liquid cold plates

Liquid Cooling Systems

Winshare's liquid cooling systems undergo extensive flow network analysis using our proprietary design software, supported by decades of empirical data. This means that our thermal design engineers and system architects can achieve proven, specification-compliant thermal designs faster than anyone else in the market. We test each liquid cooling system to ensure the expected performance and system behavior. Our flexible development models range from heavy to light, depending on your support needs. We use these liquid cooling systems for new applications in high-performance industries that require a transition to a liquid system's high volume thermal performance.


Winshare's liquid cooling systems, such as coolant dispensing units and recirculating coolers, combine detailed system intelligence with individual sensors, pumps, fittings, and operate software for completing intelligent system behavior that maximizes sustainability and reliability. Efficiencies are planned throughout the product lifecycle, including packaging, mounting fixtures, and quick service features to ensure product integrity in transit, maximize assembly throughput, and minimize service time with hot-swappable quick disconnects.


Liquid System Components

Liquid cooling components are part of a complete liquid cooling system. Liquid cold plates and liquid cooling enclosures absorb heat into the liquid cooling system as the primary direct liquid cooling interface is between the liquid system and the heat source. In contrast, heat exchangers and radiators discharge heat into the ambient air or an additional liquid cooling loop. These components determine how much heat can be absorbed or discharged from the liquid cooling system as the first and last process in the liquid cooling cycle. Direct liquid cooling interfaces and heat dissipation significantly affect the effectiveness, efficiency, and performance of liquid cooling systems and therefore require significant design consideration.

Winshare excels in cold plate and heat exchanger design optimization, accelerating our design cycles with accurate performance simulations. We are experts in developing and manufacturing high-quality, compact liquid cold plates and heat exchangers that meet your system requirements while reducing weight and complexity. With hundreds of liquid cold plate and heat exchanger options and configurations using various manufacturing methods, Winshare can quickly help you optimize how your liquid system interfaces with your heat source.


You can learn more about our liquid cooling technology and services through our “liquid cooling solution, or you can contact us directly by phone or email for more information.

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