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water cold plate

Knowing that you are interested in water cold plate, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Application Of Friction Stir Welding In Cold Plate Processing


    In the power electronic heat dissipation industry, cols plate heat dissipation is becoming popular. Due to the continuous pursuit of high reliability and low cost, traditional vacuum brazing technology has some drawbacks for certain industries and product structures.The water cold plate adopts frict Read More

  • How to control equipment temperature in factory workshop


    How to control equipment temperature in factory workshop In life, we often can experience the distress caused by heat. Maybe it just makes you feel uncomfortable. But in industrial production, heat is a significant factor affecting productivity. Many factories install a lot of air conditioners in th Read More

  • Why the thermal design of the cold water plate is important


    Why the thermal design of the cold water plate is important Nowadays, many industries have popularized automated production, and these large electronic instruments emit a lot of heat. The manufacturers of these devices may install essential heat sinks. A machine can be used commonly when the ambient Read More

  • What should I choose for industrial cooling modules?


    What should I choose for industrial cooling modules? As a professional cold plate manufacturer, we cooperate with customers in various industries. We provide customers with a variety of high-quality cold plates, but customers in different industries have different specific requirements for cold plat Read More

  • The working principle of cold water plate


    The working principle of cold water plate Today we will introduce to you how the water cold plate works. Why can it take away heat? How does it cool down? We believe that you will have a thorough understanding after reading this article. The working principle of the water cold plate is not complicat Read More

  • How to weld cold water plate


    How to weld cold water plate Water cold plate has relatively high requirements for welding technology. Nowadays, manufacturers generally use two welding methods, friction stir welding or vacuum brazing. This article will discuss topics related to water cold plate welding. The welding conditions of a Read More

  • Market Forecast Of Water Cold Plate


    The increasing need for electronic devices to operate efficiently in a higher power range has led to several technological advancements and the miniaturization of devices. In addition, power electronics are increasingly prominent in a wide range of fields such as communications, automobiles, aerospa Read More

  • Application Of Liquid Cold Plate In Medical Equipment


    Electronic equipment is increasingly used in medical work, and their environmental requirements are more diverse and strict. Temperature is one of the most important factors, because temperature changes have the greatest impact on electronic equipment. At present, the commonly used heat dissipation Read More

  • The Manufacturing Process And Wide Application Of Liquid Cold Plate


    Many people think of the heat sinks used in computer CPUs and graphics cards. This is a radiator that only some high-end players can use, because it is more expensive. In the field of industrial electronics, water cold plate or liquid cold plate has also been widely used, but the public does not kno Read More

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