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Cooling Plate Manufacturer Share: Data Center Liquid Cooling Solution

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       With the dramatic rise in digitization and electronification across all industries worldwide, data centers need faster and more powerful technology to increase processing and storage. Managing the increased heat load from rapid growth in processing power in a sustainable manner is a top priority for hyper-scale, enterprise, edge, hosted, and other data centers, prompting many to turn to liquid cooling solutions.

       With air-cooled systems already sufficient, Liquid cooling syestems are increasingly being used in data centers because of the benefits of sustainably managing power growth while reducing carbon footprint. Winshare has years of experience designing coolant distribution units (CDUs) to enable efficient liquid cooling that is appropriately sized to meet the exact needs of hyperscale computing systems and provide optimal cooling performance. Winshare's experts also provide end-to-end customer support to address the unique challenges liquid cooling systems in enterprise applications.

liquid cooling solution

Why using a coolant distribution unit (CDU) for data center cooling?

       A coolant distribution unit is a system that enables efficient liquid cooling at the row or rack level within a data center. CDUs circulate coolant in a closed-loop system to cool racks, chassis, blades, and even down to processors and memory. In data centers where space savings are critical, CDUs eliminate the need for large heat sinks, fan trays, and other components in air-cooled systems, creating additional design space within server racks to further increase power density. Design flexibility and customizability make CDUs the best choice for liquid cooling in the data center.

Two main types of CDUs

       In-Rack CDUs are small and can be integrated directly into a single server chassis and distribute coolant to a series of servers or other heat sources.

       In-Row CDUs are more extensive, self-contained, and designed to manage higher heat loads across various server chassis.

Liquid Cooling Solution

       One of the biggest concerns when implementing a liquid cooling system is ensuring that the liquid circuit is optimally filled with coolant and that all air is removed from the system. If too much air remains, it can collect around the pump and shorten the life of the components within the circuit.

       While CDUs often include small built-in pumps for adding additional coolant, corrosion inhibitors, or other additives, these pumps are often too small to perform the initial system fill. A variety of large underarm pumps are available to expedite fluid circuit fill and minimize downtime.

       Our experts can introduce external pumps to efficiently move coolant throughout the system for large networks requiring large amounts of coolant. Not only does this save critical space within the server by eliminating permanent pumps, but it also exponentially reduces the time required to initially populate the system to deploy it as quickly as possible. Larger pumps also ensure that no air remains in the system that could cause damage to sensitive components.

Why Winshare liquid cooling solution is better

       After installing a liquid cooling system, it is critical to ensure that it is connected to the IT rack and throughout the facility to mitigate potential problems and be prepared for emergencies such as a system leak.

       If a system leak exists, it is most important to notify the CDU immediately to shut down the pump so that the fluid does not damage any sensitive components. The CDU needs to identify not only that a leak has occurred but also the exact location of the leak so that it can be repaired quickly.

       Winshare offers a variety of methods to detect and prevent leaks, depending on the CDU construction. Built-in humidity and temperature sensors ensure that the data center operates at temperatures below the dew point to mitigate the risk of condensation on the system piping. CDU lines are also insulated with inert neoprene to prevent any moisture buildup should condensation occur.

       Coolant distribution units require regular preventive maintenance throughout the system's life to check for flow loss, pump life expectancy, power supply operation, and coolant quality.

       Filters, pumps, and power supplies can be proactively replaced based on time constraints or due to changes in flow or performance. To monitor the quality of coolant flowing through the circuit, we can install light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in custom light panels along transparent segments to quickly identify any foreign debris or loss of quality. If coolant needs to be replaced, topped up, or if additives such as corrosion inhibitors are required, our expert technicians are available online to assist you with the replacement.

       Winshare is your one-stop solution for data center coolant cooling, from initial design and deployment to post-maintenance. Winshare's service team has years of experience in all aspects of custom liquid cooling solutions for data centers. Our global team takes a comprehensive view of data center liquid cooling to extend system service life, improving overall reliability, and reduce maintenance and maintenance costs.

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