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cooling plates for electronics
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liquid cold plate

The articles shown below are all about the liquid cold plate, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the liquid cold plate. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these liquid cold plate articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Cold Plate (Liquid Cold Plate) - The Ultimate FAQ Guide


    Do you want to minimize power loss by cooling down all the electronics and power devices in your industry? Do you plan on increasing the efficiency of automation controls and large-scale cooling systems?The best part? It's easy with the cold plate!We have tried our best to include all details relate Read More

  • IGBT Liquid Cooling Technology


    IGBT power semiconductor modules are the core components of current power electronic devices, and the accumulation of heat will seriously affect the safety, reliability and performance of the devices. The heat dissipation problem is becoming more and more prominent, and the requirements for module c Read More

  • Do You Know Why The Head Of The Liquid Cold Plate Uses Copper Instead Of Aluminum?


    The liquid cold plate is made of copper material whether it is a CPU cold head or a graphics card cold head. As the commonly used aluminum material for heat dissipation, the thermal conductivity is also good, so why does the cold plate heat sink head not use aluminum as the cold head? As one of the Read More

  • Welding Process Of Water Cooling Plate


    Modern electronic liquid cold plates are mainly aluminum alloys, mainly 6 series aluminum alloys. Due to the increasing electronic power density, equipment has higher requirements for reliability, life span, and failure rate during life. In this way, the flow channel structure of the water cold plat Read More

  • How To Avoid Cold Plate Heat Sink Leakage


    As a relatively high-priced product, cold plate heat sinks often have better materials, and have higher requirements in terms of planning and sealing. Therefore, the price is generally higher than that of air-cooled radiators. The more expensive aluminum cold plate also has many points to pay attent Read More

  • How To Determine The Quality Of The Liquid Cold Plate?


    The heat dissipation of liquid cold plate is becoming more and more common. For liquid cold plate manufacturers, it is necessary to make an objective judgment on the quality of water cooled cold plate in order to improve the quality of the equipment. Now let the liquid cold plate manufacturer introd Read More

  • Application Of Liquid Cold Plate In Medical Equipment


    Electronic equipment is increasingly used in medical work, and their environmental requirements are more diverse and strict. Temperature is one of the most important factors, because temperature changes have the greatest impact on electronic equipment. At present, the commonly used heat dissipation Read More

  • What Is A Semiconductor? How Do Semiconductors Cool?


    Semiconductor refrigeration, also known as electronic refrigeration, or thermoelectric refrigeration, is a discipline developed from the 1950s at the edge of refrigeration technology and semiconductor technology. It uses PN junctions composed of special semiconductor materials to form thermocouple p Read More

  • The Manufacturing Process And Wide Application Of Liquid Cold Plate


    Many people think of the heat sinks used in computer CPUs and graphics cards. This is a radiator that only some high-end players can use, because it is more expensive. In the field of industrial electronics, water cold plate or liquid cold plate has also been widely used, but the public does not kno Read More

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