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What Factors Affect the Quality of Aluminum Heat Sinks?

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There are a variety of metals with different unique properties, and some metals are used for luxury and lavish purposes for example, diamond and gold, and others are used for building purposes for instance, brass, steel, nickel, copper, & many more. To work efficiently every piece of equipment needs a good building block. And it is extremely important while engineering important components that the  qualities of the material should be look carefully that are going to be used plus it is also important to have a check on the elements which can affect the material, specifically Aluminium in this case.


What is an Aluminum heat sink


An Aluminum heat sink is a widely use able product for thermal solutions. Aluminum or it can be spell (Aluminium) is the second after iron most used metal in the world. And for your pretty concern, after oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the 3rd most common element in the Earth's crust that increase its popularity. 


Which Metals Conduct Heat The Best?


Aluminium & Copper among other metals have the best and highest thermal conductivity. Therefore before you use metal in any kimd of application it is very essential to check the thermal conductivity of that particular metal. Because the rate of thermal conductivity proved very helpful to decide which one metal should be used for a particular purpose. And Aluminum is a great conductor for heat that makes it very useful for building all heat exchangers. On the other side, steel is a very poor conductor of heat that makes it useful for high-temperature environments. This is the reason why Aluminum is highly preferred to be used in building a heat sink.


Thermal Conductivity


Heat delivers in three ways; radiation, conduction and convection. Thermal Conduction is a procedure where two objects that have different temperatures are combined or come into contact with one another or when they meet with fast-moving molecules from the warm object that deliver the energy to the slow-moving molecules in the cooler object.


Aluminum heat sinks


Aluminum is considered very beneficial for all electrical device managers. It is also a great metal that is used in the construction of critical and sensitive power cooling systems. Improvement in the technology of the extrusion profile has made it accessible and possible to engineer heat sinks that are famous to call for a blend of lighter weight and greater strength. 


Aluminum as compared with other metals for instance copper has very lower thermal conductivity at the same time it is too difficult to extrude them in a shape of a specific heat sink. Secondly, Aluminium having a lightweight metal, that is another property which other metals do not possess.


Heat Sinks


Heat sinks are basically used inside the computers to cool down or sooth the CPU(Central Processing Unit), and they are also proven uses in LEDs, lighting devices, and power transistors.


Heat sinks are therefore designed in that way to possess a large surface area to ensure maximize the contact with all the fluid medium, for example liquid or air coolant that absorb heat and push it away from the device.


Aluminum alloys are very preferred to be used in all constructing heat sinks. That is because Aluminium is highly lighter and cheaper as compared to copper.


How does a heat sink work?


So we know Computer heats up, if the given heat from the device is not removed it surely can damage the whole system. To keep the heat away from the system it is essential to install a perfect heat exchanger. Heat sink takes the heat away from the system, and it done it by delivering the heat that is generated in the computer into a fluid medium for example, liquid coolant or air , thus it is kept away from the device. 


What is the purpose of a heat sink?


The actual purpose of a heat sink includes all about the maintenance of the given computer. Without a heat sink, the system may overheat and thus can stop working perfectly. To ensure the smooth working of the system it is essential to install the heat sink to keep generated heat away from the device and prevent overheating. 


Factors Guarantee Aluminum Heat Sink Quality


The alloys that arr used in extruding heat sinks should have excellent thermal conductivity. The general alloys that are used including 






At the present, 6063 alloy is commonly used. Because of its  good thermal conductivity along with excellent mechanical properties.


To explain the extruded heat sink's quality of aluminum we will start from the following aspects:


Quality Requirements For Ingots


The alloy composition is strictly controlled by ingots. To make ensure the purity of the alloy, melt  ingot could be carefully homogenized so that the properties as well as structure are uniform. The surface of the ingot needs to be smooth without  segregation or sand. The ending of the INGOT must be flat, without being cut into steps. (cut slope must be less than 3 mm)


Requirements For Die/Tool


Because the aluminum heat sink is a tool that is full with a lot of verminous fins. And the fins will be under high pressure during  extruding process. Each and every fin need to be very tough and strong. So that the quality of steel die can be reliable. We recommend in this process H13 Tool Steel.


Thus the Tool Heat treatment is quite important in case to use vacuum heating quenching. Because it is the best to use the high-pressure Purity based nitrogen quenching. That can be ensured the equall performance of each and every part of the die after quenching. And after quenching, different three times related tempering must be adopted. And to ensure the hardness and strength of the tool either has enough toughness under the require premise of HRC48 ~ 52 or not. This is an essential condition to prevent broken fins.


Reduce Extrusion Pressure


To stop the fins from breaking, the extrusion pressure must be reduced as far as possible. The extrusion forces seriously relate to the aluminum rod's length, and from deformation resistance of specific alloy, along the degree of deformation. So, the length should not too long of the cast bar, that is about 0.6 ~ 0.85 times of normal length.


For the section regarding aluminum heat sink having complex shapes. Besides shortening and lessening the length of the casting bar try to consider the use of pure aluminum short casting basically regarding the first extrusion test. Then try to use a normal casting bar regarding extrusion production after a successful extrusion test.


Homogenization annealing regarding ingot may not only makes properties uniform and micro-structure. But also reduce extrusion pressure & improves extrusion properties and. So, uniform annealing is essential for ingot casting.


Extrusion Process


The key to the creation of aluminum heat sink profile has first trial of the extrusion die. The operator must allow the main plunger by advancing at a low pressure that should be less than 8MPa. After each and every fin of the die should uniformly extruded out. It can slowly pressurize to ensure speed up the extrusion. Pay great attention to the heating temperature of that specific tool/die during the extrusion process. The die temperature must be close to the cast bar’s.


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Wrapping it up, it depends on your decision on how much you can like to spend on a heat sink. If you are after a lightweight metal which can work like Copper than Aluminium is the best choice. Extruding Aluminum is considered very easy, just keep an eye on little things like nitrogen quenching is very important. Moreover Aluminium is pocket-friendly thus again it is the best choice.

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