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Understand The Application Of Liquid Cooled Cold Plate On IGBT Module

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Many customers who use Winshare Thermal's liquid cooled cold plates use IGBT modules. IGBT is the core device for energy conversion and transmission, commonly known as the "CPU" of power electronic devices. As a national strategic emerging industry, it is widely used in rail transit, smart grid, aerospace, electric vehicles and new energy equipment.

IGBT cold plate

In most cases, the current flowing through the IGBT module is relatively large and the switching frequency is relatively high, which causes the loss of the IGBT module device to be relatively large, making the temperature of the device too high, and the poor heat dissipation of the IGBT module will cause damage and affect the operation of the whole machine. The cause of IGBT overheating may be poor driving waveform or excessive current or high switching frequency, or poor heat dissipation.

If the temperature is too high, the work efficiency of the module will decrease, which will affect the overall work progress. Especially those devices that need to work continuously have greater reliance on IGBT modules and need a good heat dissipation system for protection. Speaking of heat dissipation methods, the most commonly used are passive fin heat dissipation and air-cooled heat dissipation. These heat dissipation methods have low cost and are easy to use and are widely used. However, there are also many restrictive factors. The accumulation of heat cannot be dissipated in time, and the heat dissipation effect will quickly reach the bottleneck. In this case, the IGBT module is facing a big dilemma.

Under this circumstance, the new heat dissipation method must replace the traditional heat dissipation mode. The water cooled cold plate heat dissipation as a fast-developing method has been outstanding in the field of heat dissipation in recent years. As the leading liquid cold plate manufacturer in China, Winshare Thermal has been providing efficient and stable water cooling plates for cooperative users in the IGBT field in recent years to solve the heat dissipation problem of their IGBT modules.

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