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Water cooling solution for high power transmitter

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FM radio transmitter is mainly used to wirelessly transmit the voice of FM radio stations and music programs.

In the operation process, a certain amount of heat will be generated in the FM broadcasting transmitter. The temperature greatly influences the performance of the transmitter, and too high or too low a temperature will lead to the failure of electronic components. Especially for high-power transmitters, the influence of temperature on performance is more prominent. Studies have shown that the reliability of power transistors decreases by 60 percent for every 10-degree increase in temperature.

water cooling plate

Using a cooling fan for cooling is required at this time, however, the traditional cooling fan of the structure is simple, but the installation and disassembly is complicated, hard to regular cleaning of cooling fan inside, leading to severe and long-term use up dust cooling efficiency, reducing the service life of the machine, making it unable to satisfy people’s needs.

Under such circumstances, new cooling technologies need to be introduced. Review the development history of heat dissipation technology, from passive heat dissipation to air cooling, water cooling, and other refrigeration means, from the perspective of cost, efficiency, feasibility, and other aspects, more suitable for commercial or water cooling.

The cooling water system uses a pump to circulate the cooling fluid in the dispersing pipe. The heat-absorbing part is usually called the heat-absorbing box and is used to absorb heat from the heat source of the equipment. The heat absorbed by the endothermic part is discharged to the outside of the equipment through the heat sink. Water cooling fully uses the advantages of liquid heat capacity greater than air, so heat dissipation efficiency is higher. In addition, quiet working conditions, and environment-friendly and stable characteristics are also trusted.

A high-power transmitter plays an important role in the application of digital signal transmission. How to ensure their efficient operation, the appropriate heat dissipation design is particularly important. Water-cooled heat sink gives full play to its advantages and effectively contributes to the development of transmitters.

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