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IGBT Liquid Cooling Technology

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IGBT power semiconductor modules are the core components of current power electronic devices, and the accumulation of heat will seriously affect the safety, reliability and performance of the devices. The heat dissipation problem is becoming more and more prominent, and the requirements for module cooling are also increasing.

Under normal circumstances, the current flowing through the IGBT module is relatively large and the switching frequency is relatively high, which causes the loss of the IGBT module device to be relatively large, making the temperature of the device too high, and the poor heat dissipation of the IGBT module will cause damage and affect the operation of the whole machine. 

The cause of IGBT overheating may be poor driving waveform or excessive current or high switching frequency, or poor heat dissipation.

Especially when the power of the equipment is very high (megavolt-ampere level), conditions such as air duct design, air pressure provision and noise index will be very difficult to implement. 

The traditional forced air cooling technology can no longer meet the heat dissipation of the equipment. Requirements, liquid cold plate has a stronger heat dissipation capacity, and is more suitable for use in the heat dissipation system of high-power IGBT power semiconductor devices. 

At present, water-cooled heat dissipation technology is gradually being widely used. With the advancement and continuous improvement of water-cooling heat dissipation technology, today's water-cooling heat dissipation is safer and more durable, and the cost is also reduced. 

Although there are some inconveniences in installation and maintenance, from a long-term perspective, water cooling technology is worth putting into use.


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