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The Importance Of Heat Sink For Laser Equipment

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Laser is another major invention of mankind after nuclear energy and semiconductor. It is called the fastest knife and the strongest artificial light. The principle of the laser was discovered by the famous American physicist Einstein as early as 1916. The application of laser is very wide, such as laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, optical fiber communication, laser ranging, laser radar, laser scanning and so on.

The laser has a very high energy level, so the heat generated by it is also very high. In industrial applications, the heat dissipation system of the laser equipment is very important, which has a great impact on improving the energy conversion efficiency of the laser. During the operation of the laser device, if the heat generated by the working gas can be removed in time, the temperature of the working gas can be quickly stabilized, thereby obtaining high-efficiency RF electro-optical conversion efficiency, increasing the laser and stabilizing the laser output power.

With the rapid development of laser technology nowadays, the requirements for equipment are getting higher and higher, the performance is getting stronger, and the requirements for the laser module heat sink are getting higher and higher. Winshare Thermal has cooperated with many users in the laser industry to provide them with professional and efficient high-power laser heat sinks. Laser industry users generally use water-cooled heat sink solutions.


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